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The menu ranges from delicious Causa Rellena, leche tigre to Arroz con Mariscos

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Combo I

1 Pollo (Whole Chicken)
Salchipapas (French Fries w/Hot Dog)
Ensalada (Salad)
InKa Kola (2lt).

$ 22.43

Combo II

1 Pollo (Whole Chicken)
Salchipapas (French Fries w/Hot Dog)
Ensalada (Salad)
Arroz & Frejoles (White Rice & Beans)
Tostones (Fried Green Plantain)
InKa Kola (2lt).

$ 28.04

Combo III

1 Pollo (Whole Chicken)
Salchipapas (French Fries w/Hot Dog)
Ensalada (Salad)
Anticucho o Rachi (Fried Beef Heart or Fried Tripe Brochette)
InKa Kola(2lt).

$ 28.04

Our Menu List

El Mejor Pollo a la Brasa en Long Island

 Peruvian Specialities

Peruvian Specialities
Rotisserie Chicken
Especialidades en Pollo a la Brasa, Comida Criolla y Mariscos.
Lomo Saltado de Carne
Sauteed Beef Strips w/tomato, Onion Served w/White Rice  $13.08
Lomo Saltado de Pollo
Sauteed Chicken Strips w/Tomato, Onions Served w/White Rice  $13.08
Tallarin Saltado Criollo (Pollo-carne)
Sauteed Sapghetti w/ Beef or Chiken  $13.08
Bistec Encebollado
Tomato, Onion, steak served w/White Rice  $13.55
Milanesa de Pollo
Breaded Chicken  $12.15
Arroz Chaufa (Pollo - Carne)
Chicken or Beef Fried Rice  $13.08
Arroz Chaufa Mixto (Pollo & Carne)
Chicken & Beef Fried Rice  $14.02
Tallarines Verdes (Carne- Pollo)
Green Spaghetti w/Steak or Chicken  $13.55
Tallarin Saltado Chino (Pollo-Carne)
Fetuccini Sauteed, Red Pepper, Onions  $13.55
Bistec a lo Pobre
Steak w/Fries, Fried egg, Fried Platntain Served w/Rice  $14.95
Tacu-Tacu (Pollo - Carne)
Steak or Chicken w/Fried Rice & Beans  $11.22
Chicharon de Pollo
Fried Chicken Strips  $11.22
Fried Rice mixed w/Fried Noodles and Chicken or Beef  $13.55
Las Delicias
1/4 Chicken, Steak, Beef Heartor Tripe Bruchette  $23.37
Trout served with Rice, Salad & Fried Yucca  $14.95

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